Thursday, November 17, 2011


Goran Ozbolt said...


robertknutsson said...

Congratulations! Beautiful work on your blog. I'm currently applying for design schools myself, I'm from Sweden so I'm trying to get in to UmeƄ's bachelor, RCA only have master programmes open for students abroad right? It would be fantastic to get in to RCA someday, how do you like it there?

Goran Ozbolt said...

hi robert! cheers for the comment!
UMEA seems like a good place to be i think. at least one of the best schools i know..RCA doesnt even have a bachelor..only MA. but RCA is where you should go anyways when u allready have the basic skillset i think..makes it more enjoyable. hard work of course but the college is also good fun and london is a good place to be.
some great designers come form umea so you should become one of them..and if after umea u still feel for a bit of exploring, apply at the rca. at least that what i think..
best of luck with umea...if u have questions regarding folio or such feel free to send over for opinions. sound maybe weired but before studying i had a lot of trouble with the folio...still have actually.

all the best and a fantastic 2012!!